Frequently Asked Questions


Where are the tutoring sessions held?

All tutoring session are held at our Learning Centres. Our learning centres are designed for children and are an engaging and motivated space for children to focus on learning without distraction.

What age do you cater for?

We cater for children from Preschool to Year 6.

When does your program run?

Our programs run throughout the school terms with Intensive Learning Programs offered during the school holidays.

When does my enrolment commence?

Your enrolment commences once you have signed our enrolment form (agreement) and you have received confirmation.

How long is each session?

1 hour (60 minutes) per subject….This is the perfect amount of time for children to concentrate without becoming tired or bored

Can my child do English & Maths?

Yes. Some children do English and Maths. Other children just do English or Maths. Keep in mind though that if your child will be doing English & Maths they will need to enroll in 2 sessions a week.

How often do children come?

Depends on what your child needs…Most children come once a week for an hour. Some children come twice a week or have a 2 hour session each week.

What are the benefits of having children work in small groups?

Because children love it! Children feel more comfortable in small groups than when they are alone. It builds confidence and self esteem as students learn to collaborate and work with peers. Good confidence in school work means better outcomes for students!

My child sometimes causes trouble at school…can you handle that?

We are fun, interactive, relevant and hands on. Most children who cause grief at school absolutely love coming to tutoring so we are unlikely to experience poor behavior that children may do at school. If your child is struggling to focus at tutoring we will try a few different things to help and we will be honest and helpful with parents while we tweak things.

How do we communicate with parents?

It is important for us to share your child’s learning on a regular basis. We encourage parents to come in and have a quick chat in regards to their child. That way we can show you what your child has been working on, what skills they are getting the hang of, and what is still tricky for your child. We also will communicate with parents through our APP, newsletters, facebook, website, emails, phone calls and text message. Of course you can also contact us via email, text or phone if you would like to discuss your child’s progress. That’s a lot of helpful feedback!